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Do you have a Wedding or other formal event coming up in the Carterville, IL area and need a tuxedo? Visit Mr. Tuxedo & Bridal for all your tuxedo rental needs. We carry tuxedos and suits from Jim’s Formal Wear. That includes designers like Michael Kors, Allure Men, and even Ralph Lauren.

Our Tuxedo Rental Process

The first step of your tuxedo rental journey starts with an initial consultation. During this consultation we will show you all available options. While we do have some examples of tuxedos in store, we have an even larger catalog of color samples and fabric swatches. Once you have made your choice, we will then take your measurements. If you need tuxedos for your groomsmen, we also will invite them to come in individually for measurements and payment.

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Timeframe for Your Tuxedo’s Arrival

Rentals usually arrive just a couple of days before the event, which is totally normal. Don’t be concerned by the quick turnaround time. Keeping your schedule flexible those few days before is important, as it allows us to touch base with you the moment your rental arrives. This will allow us to properly schedule a fitting to make sure your suit is perfect for your special occasion.

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Rules For A Guaranteed Fit

A common concern when it comes to tuxedo rentals is whether it will fit or not. While rentals will most likely not fit as precise as a custom-tailored suit, we make sure to ensure you have a sharp ensemble. In order for us to hold this guarantee, we ask that you follow these simple rules:

  • Make sure to get accurate measurements from a professional. Call these specific measurements in no later than 2 months prior to a wedding or 1 month prior to a special occasion.
  • Come in for a fitting at least 2-3 days before your event. If your event falls on the weekend, this would be by 4 p.m. the Thursday before the event. This time frame allows us to get replacement pieces if needed. Also, if a simple hem or sleeve needs to be adjusted, our staff is trained to do these simple alterations on site.
  • Let us know if any changes happened in size at least 2 weeks prior to the event. We can make sure to get new measurements and change the order.
  • Young men and boys under 18 are prone to growth spurts, so we suggest getting measured no earlier than a month prior to the event date. We also ask that parents monitor size closely, and alert us to any possible changes 2 weeks prior to the event.

Policies for a
Successful Return
of Your Tuxedo Rental

Tuxedos will arrive in our store a few days before the special occasion. At that time, we will call to schedule a fitting. As we mentioned above, come as soon as you are able too. Once your fit is confirmed, you are free to take the rental with you. Your rental is due back by the first business day after the event. So for Saturday events, rentals are due back by Monday, since our shop is closed on Sundays. If you need extra time for a special reason, please contact our stores manager to see if this can be arranged for you. To make the check-in process more efficient, ensure that all rented items are hung on hangers inside the garment bag that was provided to you. This way we can get them back to the supplier who will have to clean them, and possibly send them for another customer, as they are rentals. Due to this process, there is a late fee. We don’t want to have to charge you this fee, so please get your rentals back on time. Also, we ask that you return the rentals dry, free from bodily fluids, and free of drug or alcohol paraphernalia.

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